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Residential Designs

Residential Welded Welded Fence Panel

Have you pondered to put protection to your garden, a strong fence around your house? The safety of your home depends on the quality of the fences that you have. Now, a welded wire fence is much stronger than before because it contains already surface treatment with PVC coating. The good thing is that it fights corrosion reaction in which it will serve you a long life of service. It has small openings that help promote anti-climbing. You can also save money as it has a low price compared to other types of residential fences. You can place it easily without consuming much of your time. The two types of welded wire fence are the welded roll and welded panel. Welded roll fence is much more flexible, but in terms of strength, the welded panel is much ahead. Now, we have a much less heavy welded mesh only for your refreshing garden and a much heavier welded panel for your fencing purposes. To further help you to choose between the two, here is some added information about their differen

Commercial Design

Commercial Welded Wire Fence: What You Need To Know?

Protecting your assets and employees can be a challenge. This is where a commercial welded wire fence can come into play. An installed modern fence level up safety boost productivity and promotes peace of mind.

What is a commercial welded wire fence? What are the common finishes available? Why should businesses consider this security addition? Good question! You have come to the right place! 

A Commercial Welded Wire Fence – A Brief Overview

Welded wire fences are a great way to protect offices, schools, churches, commercial establishments, parks, and nature reserves against theft and other dangers.

Similar to a chain link, welded wire fences provide additional security as they are harder to climb. They consist of wire strands that are welded together to form a mesh.

In recent years, this new fencing solution has become popular due to high functionality, low maintenance, and strength. Contractors layer wire in a vertical or horizontal pattern to create rectangular or square spaces to guarantee extra and lasting strength. The thickness of the wire ranges from 2mm to 8mm.

Welded Wire Fence
Commercial Welded Wire Fence

Industrial Design

Industrial Welded Wire Fence

An industrial welded wire fence is a welded wire. It is made and installed on establishments for security purposes. In modern times welded fence is popular today. Welded wire is durable and made of quality material, and it has a long life, unlike other wire fences. This fence is also stronger for the bad weather can’t just fall by the wind. Welded wire fence is a great and common choice because it is simplicity, low maintenance quality, and also protective properties.

Welded wire is created by layering wire in a horizontal and vertical pattern, and it creates a square and rectangle spaces. This kind of pattern allows extra room for more strength. Welded wire fences became a popular trend in recent years because of their strength. On the other hand, other people are not able to afford this type of fence because it can be quite expensive.

Recreational Design

The Best Recreational Welded Wire Fence in the Corner

Are you using a quality welded wire fence, having a great security potential and aesthetic value? Well, the good news is here for you! Wonderfully, we have already made the 3D wire fence. A type of mesh panel best for your commercial used and security purposes. It is mechanically made up of carbon steel, iron-coat, and other materials. The surface is treated with PVC powder, which provides a long life span. The wire diameter usually measures at least two millimeters with a maximum diameter of six point five millimeters. We continually assure you that you can have the best quality of wire mesh. That is why, as a unique feature, we expanded the mesh in horizontal “V” shaped conformation.

A great innovation in the art of welding can add a beautiful appearance to your playground, swimming pool, and other entertaining venues. You may enjoy choosing the color of your mesh from our best RAL. And finally, to add strength and rigor to your creational wire fence, we place a horizontal wire in each “V” shaped mesh. A part of it is your post, which is made of purely steel to assure great support and stability. Now, the 3D recreational fence is quite heavier, and it contains a tightened bolt that helps suppress defacement and theft.