Commercial Welded Wire Fence

Commercial Welded Wire Fence

Commercial Welded Wire Fence: What You Need To Know?

Protecting your assets and employees can be a challenge. This is where a commercial welded wire fence can come into play. An installed modern fence level up safety boost productivity and promotes peace of mind.

What is a commercial welded wire fence? What are the common finishes available? Why should businesses consider this security addition? Good question! You have come to the right place! 

A Commercial Welded Wire Fence – A Brief Overview

Welded wire fences are a great way to protect offices, schools, churches, commercial establishments, parks, and nature reserves against theft and other dangers.

Similar to a chain link, welded wire fences provide additional security as they are harder to climb. They consist of wire strands that are welded together to form a mesh.

In recent years, this new fencing solution has become popular due to high functionality, low maintenance, and strength. Contractors layer wire in a vertical or horizontal pattern to create rectangular or square spaces to guarantee extra and lasting strength. The thickness of the wire ranges from 2mm to 8mm.