Residential Welded Wire Fence

Residential Welded Welded Fence Panel

Have you pondered to put protection to your garden, a strong fence around your house? The safety of your home depends on the quality of the fences that you have. Now, a welded wire fence is much stronger than before because it contains already surface treatment with PVC coating. The good thing is that it fights corrosion reaction in which it will serve you a long life of service. It has small openings that help promote anti-climbing. You can also save money as it has a low price compared to other types of residential fences. You can place it easily without consuming much of your time. The two types of welded wire fence are the welded roll and welded panel. Welded roll fence is much more flexible, but in terms of strength, the welded panel is much ahead. Now, we have a much less heavy welded mesh only for your refreshing garden and a much heavier welded panel for your fencing purposes. To further help you to choose between the two, here is some added information about their difference